Brandweight and ‘’how to win a battle in the customers mind?’’

Have you ever needed a wheelhouse as the marketing department? Would you like to obtain a new center of management, where you can navigate and build up towards your future?

Marketing departments will retrieve their ‘’strategic information center’’ with Brandweight Decision Support System.

With Brandweight; marketing managers will be able to receive warnings of risks and opportunities, test the consequences of their decisions, see the possible/hypothetical impacts on various marketing strategies.

From the speed of the mind, to the market share

Brandweight decision support system gathers information by adding a special questionnaire of 7-8 minutes to the regular perception researches, or a tracking study. The main feature of this questionnaire isn’t the answers, but recording the speed of the answers that are given. Considering this recording, we can assess the certainty of the customers), as much as the given answers. With the decreasing speed of the answers, we can predict the uncertainty in the customer’s mind. The tests we’ve done with 2300 participants so, far had the same outcome. The brand, which slows down in customers’ mind, falls behind in market share and buying behavior as well. Brandweight gathers information without disrupting your current research structure, and uploads that information on the analysis system. This analysis doesn’t only consist of statements, but also evaluates the brand according to the speed of the answers.


Foreseeing the risk and the opportunity

Brandweight starts the risk and opportunity analysis automatically, once/as soon as the data/information has been uploaded. Brandweight (BW) opportunity analysis, detects the conditions in which the competitors are underdeveloped, and hence lose their customers. In this point, BW is able to count the customers who will be drawn to the brand because of this difference, and warns you ahead of the opportunity itself. BW risk analysis depicts the breaking points. Breaking point is when you lose the ‘’mind race’’. You can eliminate that risk by getting into action, ahead of the risk itself. BW is able to warn you whether you’re close to those points (or not), by using the customer information/data.

Combining the past and the future

On Brandweight platform, you can combine your sales results, campaign calendar, Nielsen distribution and market share with the customer perception data; you can see the bigger picture in your marketing division.

You can also see the risks and opportunity related warnings in the same scenario, turn both the past and the future into a whole.

Also; you can create tests according to the selected messages on the Brandweight platform. The system is programmed to test the selected messages, and share a report which shows you the most relevant, positive message for your targeted segment.

Effortless, fast and easy

The results that’s provided by the Brandweight system, is a full and complete process. All the system reports are being prepared by analysts. The marketing department can access the Brandweight reports constantly, according to their needs. It’s all up to the marketing directors decisions after this process.