In determining right human resources strategy, employee satisfaction impact becomes more and more crucial every day. As DORinsight, we conduct internal customer satisfaction studies that are prepared rapidly and effectively by offering benefits to HR people and enabling employees to fill out satisfaction questionnaires in a much more enjoyable atmosphere in terms of measurement and assessment of employee satisfaction.

eLoupe's objective is providing insights that are required to create a company with satisfied motivated a loyal company. Every employee assesses their employees at certain intervals through various performance assessment models. However, employees should also be given the opportunity of assessing their companies and managers . Employee satisfaction surveys conducted by professional, unbiased research companies specializing in their respective field give rise to great opportunities in this sense.

Retaining and assuring loyalty of a person to a company is as important as selecting the correct people and placing them in correct positions throughout human resource management process. Assuring loyalty of an employee to a company means satisfying such employee, thereby, making her/him create a positive influence on people around them. On the other hand, a person’s dissatisfaction over working environment and management influences her/his work, and also reduces motivation and gives rise to dissatisfaction with a larger crowd. Therefore, an organization’s follow-up of satisfaction of its employees and making efforts to improve sources of dissatisfaction should be at the center of human resources strategy.


Today, several organizations have these types of researches conducted at least once a year and follow up employees’ satisfaction levels, and constantly monitor return of improvement efforts they make over the time. We realize these types of researches which are traditionally conducted by distributing and collecting questionnaires by means of e-mailing questionnaires . In this way, respondents are able to exchange their ideas through an approach rendering employee satisfaction questionnaires more visual and fun whereby they can conduct assessments more interactively. Owing to technological support offered by our IT team specializing in their fields , we offer 100 percent data security and make it more enjoyable to take part in employee satisfaction questionnaires through questionnaire designs customized to companies.