IVR, an abbreviation for words of Internet Voice Response, has come into our life as Interactive Voice Response system. The most basic characteristic of IVR is to render service for 24/7 without using any means during calls.

In the data acquisition process carried out by using automatic call receiver (Inbound) or automatic call originator (Outbound), it is possible to execute several scenarios defined in accordance with certain criteria by loading details of persons who are intended to speak with, and to conduct a flash poll with the user. This method can be readily implemented in the retail, sales, and service sectors and the satisfaction survey about a service rendered or product sold can be processed very easily.

In this solution, no operator is required and thus ten thousands of calls can be planned by a single person in a very short time and it is possible to reach the results faster. The calls are controlled from a central structure, and diagnostic checks and message customizations are also possible.

The advantages of IVR researches:

  • Easily manageable,
  • Easily arrangeable,
  • Easily reportable,
  • Fast mountable,
  • Fast adaptable,
  • Obtains results fast.

The problematic situations named as hot-alert can be determined automatically by means of the checkpoints located on IVR, and it ensures to take actions more effectively as the dissatisfactions and extreme values give alerts.

By means of quota controlled and result controlled IVR design, it is ensured to make the planned calls on time and as required. As a result of executing the system setup with the defined quotas and special time identifications, it is prevented that the users in the given list are unnecessarily disturbed.

Similarly, as a result of the fact that the unattained calls can be called within the defined time, day, project based limits, and day and period based flexible call times can be appointed, the primary objective of not to creating dissatisfaction which may arise resulting from the calls can be reached.

Data collected can be followed through the reporting portal as well as the customized presentation and utilization is possible by integrating into the structures specially designed for the project.

In our IVR solution, it is possible to collect data apart from phone keys. The sections you leave desired voice messages, referred to as one or more open-ended parts areincorporated into the setup, and so it allows the participant to create added value by giving a feedback about the subject which is asked him/her . To be able to situate the open-ended response collection process in a desired location in the setup, not to require call-end is one of the features of the developed system.

In order to prevent possible field timing problems, it is possible to increase and decrease the data collection speed depending on the project values by controlling the data collection speed. In a setup arranged as outbound, returned calls can also be included into the setup, or it is possible to ensure to call back by means of notifying.

In brief, with our IVR solutions you will not push your budget and will be able to receive faster answers to questions you want to get answers for.