Designed to observe when, where, what people do and how, and to know them better, to monitor, to listen and to create a controlled research environment, the online ethnography model is applied by installing cameras particularly at home settings and helps to observe lifestyles, beliefs, attitudes and motivations closely.

Online Etnografi

Advantages of Online Ethnographical Research Studies:

  • Understand a specific target population or social environment,
  • Capture a fresh point of view at a point where all investigations give the same results,
  • Ability to see the opportunities among sedentary patterns of behavior,
  • Obtain information about not only what consumers want but also what they will want during proactive strategy development studies,
  • Establish consumer needs which have recently emerged and have not been met.

This method especially answers the following questions:

  • Who is my consumer? (lifestyle, value judgment, social relationships, daily life, etc.)
  • How does a consumer use my product? (determining new, unusual areas of use)
  • Other than its functionality, what emotional/social benefits does it provide to consumers?
  • During etnographical investigations, different investigation techniques such as participant observation, indirect interviews and in-depth interviews are utilized so they allow listening and watching what consumers "say, do and use".

This method is quite appropriate to develop research models according to the objective, term and budget limitations of the research. These studies are performed in various locations, including consumers’ homes, workplaces, restaurants, cafes, etc. for a varying amount of time within specified time periods.