Opinions, behaviors, attitudes , consumptions are changing everyday. These changes inevitably influence research contents and media. In reverse proportion to the expanding distances, time frames now get shorter as data collection migrates to digital platforms. As such, digital research take its place on the stage as an indispensable instrument for the art of decoding human behaviours.

We should not avoid new technologies and instruments to provide customer satisfaction and solve their needs. It is indispensable for us to produce the highest added value that can be attained, relying on the truth.

If you have an innovative approach, you can start anything from scratch, saying "Why not?", whatever your age and circumstances are. Our Business Culture is to create platforms upon which we can build meaningful and realistic researches to enable our business partners to find actionable solutions.


  • The research company that possesses the largest ‘online research’ database that represents Turkey
  • Obtaining result-oriented data through an efficient process and in a short period of time
  • Panellists answering questions online easily and whenever they are available, and therefore, achieving realistic and genuine results
  • Providing ease of reach to thousands of panellists through diverse innovative solutions
  • Assuring continued participation of panellists through rewards, opportunities and advantages under the control of a dedicated CRM team