Hitay Holdings is Turkey's leading conglomerate focusing on corporate venture capital since 1980. The group is founded by Emin Hitay, a prominent entrepreneur and investor known with his startups in Turkey.

Currently, Hitay has investments in IT, payment systems, online businesses, security technologies demonstrating Hitay's innovative approach.


The current portfolio of Hitay Holding include, Teknoser, Turkey's leading field services and system integration company; DORinsight, Turkey’s largest online research company with more than 1.2 million registered users and Napolyon.com, the permission-marketing database company operating within; Bilyoner.com, Turkey's first and leading online gaming platform; 2Nokta products and solutions for the retail and banking sectors and security technologies solution company, Exim.

The group also has extensive technical and financial know-how in the renewable energy industry with a specific investment experience in geothermal energy generation.

With 1000 employees in its group companies, Hitay serves a broad client base covering entire Turkey.