Established in 1988 by a sectoral leader Nezih Neyzi and the heart of research industry in Turkey, TÜAD supports economical and social studies of several national and international research companies of the sector through various projects and trainings, helping the sector, the customers who need research, and the research companies who accommodate that need to constitute a respected and institutional structure in the eyes of the society.

It follows the standards, working conditions and the quality of information required by the national and international companies in Turkey on behalf of the sector and the customer as well, and adapts its studies to the rhythm of the ever-changing dynamics of the world.

Cooperating with the pioneering institutions of the research and other sectors in all of its activities, TÜAD has, therefore, an organizational structure with a broad access, which creates synergy also in the internal relations of the private sector.

ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) is an organization which has been founded to support and improve market research world-wide and back their deployment.

Since 1948, the year of its foundation, ESOMAR’s primary purpose has been to render consumer and market researches usable in an efficient decision-making cycle.