Compared with the conventional research methods, web-based researches give the opportunity to dispose of a multiplicity of factors, which constitutes its most important characteristic. This disposition does not only apply to the persons or institutions carrying out the research but also the participants who take part in the research and share their valuable opinions.

Therefore, it becomes possible to collect information much more efficiently, eliminating the perception of loss of time or the pretext for not sparing time. The online research model saves from reproduction of the question forms to be used on the field, separation of forms according to designated quotas and delivery of the same to the field, the collection of data on the field, and the entry of the collected data in a system. The automation and execution of the processes by the participants save money and time for the parties involved in the research.

Participants’ opinions can be collected at first hand in a complete and accurate fashion. Similarly, as people who are approached to seek their opinions are able to answer the questions at a time which is most convenient for them, misperceptions or misunderstandings which might arise when posing a question are prevented. Normally, a person to whom we address questions for a certain period of time can complete the same procedure much easily when alone. Thus, companies that do not have to deal with logistic and other potential risks are able to keep a constant quality of participants and are able to offer much convenient and attractive gifts to participants.



We have chosen to become “Turkey’s Biggest Online Research Company” with a reward policy based on sharing our gains with our participants, considering that the answers of participants within our online panel consisting of 1.2 million users from various segments have a value and each opinion is valued.


Our main code of ethics is to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of our participants’ personal data; to assume it as a secret-keeping obligation, and assure and maintain confidentiality; to take all measures necessary to prevent confidential information from coming into public domain in whole or in part, or to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party; commit to pay necessary care, and to guarantee the security, storage and non-disclosure of the data.

In the same way, in order to avoid unsolicited mass electronic mail messages, we agree that email addresses of our participants are their personal data and we evidence this commitment by not sending mass messages to those addresses without their request. Because building an atmosphere of mutual trust is among our priorities, we are striving to maximize participant satisfaction by checking all opinions, recommendations and complaints of our participants in this regard through a separate team.


The reward system that we use in surveys is regularly updated taking into account the requests of people participating in our surveys, and is planned with a view to ensuring that all participants who share their ideas and evaluations with us have a maximum return and the consideration of the time they have spared. As a measure against low participation rate or for the purpose of inciting the completion of information shared by users who discontinue the survey, our reward system has been constructed and updated to convince those participants who are inclined to lose their interest, without offending at the same time those persons who complete the survey in a timely manner.


We are endeavoring to reduce the disadvantages for the companies and participants who we work with as Turkey's Online Research Company, and are always looking to the future to maximize gains for all parties involved.

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