DORinsight carries out numerous online researches with its permission-based and active database. Members who gave permission to be contacted are recruited with Double Opt-in system, and false applications are prevented with mobile phone number and Turkish identity number, and the quality of the panel is thus guaranteed. In addition to their demographic data, consumption habits of the panellists are taken and updated on a periodic basis.

Product Concept Test


DORinsight recruits panellists through the following channels:

  • Registration/Sign-up form available on website
  • Invitation emails sent by panellists from their membership accounts
  • Invitation links created specifically for panellists’ memberships
  • Face-to-face data collection on offline channels


DORinsight rewards panellists through nap points or various pre-announced gifts in consideration of their activity. Activity status is determined according to the following situations:

  • When they log into membership account and fill in their profile information
  • When they participate in surveys sent to them
  • When they bring new members to the panel through an invitation
  • When they attend draws or contests and are listed among the winners

Panellists can use the earned nap points for the following gifts:

  • Discount checks,
  • Online game cards,
  • Special product packages,
  • Donation to Social Responsibility Institutions,
  • Cash,
  • Right to participate in lotterieswhere various rewards are given,
  • Draw prizes: Cars, computers and mobile phones, game decks etc.


DORinsight Quality Control Team checks data quality regularly.

  • Identity verification by email, mobile telephone and TR Identity Number
  • IP check and cookie tracking for a single participation right per survey
  • Fraud, spell and name check
  • Keyboard usage and survey filling speed
  • Trap surveys and back-check questions
  • Open-ended answer quality
  • 5% back-check after each project
  • Online Turkey representation balance
  • Double opt-in verification to avoid perception of deliveries as spam
  • Special confidentiality agreement signedwith each member
  • Compliance with ESOMAR28 rules

The above items are prominent as main check items.


Panellist management, monitoring of individual participation in researches and annual participation frequency are classified and controlled by the Participation Frequency Check (PFC) system.

Panellist participation in researches is rewarded with systems such as lotteries, gifts, bonuses.

Efficiency and participation rates are kept in accordance with international ESOMAR 28 standards.

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